Popular types of massage

The best way to relax with the benefit for the body is undoubtedly a massage. In addition to the classic wellness massage, our salon will offer you to try many other types and techniques of massage, such as: sports, children’s, honey massage, Thai massage, etc.
Anti-cellulite massage our salon offers along with the advice of nutritionists. Our experts will help you choose the right diet for you, taking into account the individual characteristics of your body. You can try out various techniques of this massage, but the most popular today are honey and cans. They promote the flow of blood and lymph, as well as improve metabolic processes in the body.

The city of Kiev Thai massage was made popular when even other cultural centers of the country did not dare to conquer unconventional massage techniques. In our salon practiced traditional Thai and aromatherapy. Traditional Thai massage is done with the whole body, and is aimed at stretching the ligaments and tendons. It also significantly increases the tone of the blood vessels and increases the mobility of the joints. Thai massage can be carried out with the use of aromatic oils. Aroma massage helps to relieve stress and calm the nerves. Also, properly selected oils will make the skin more elastic and improve the body’s defenses.

If you want to get more sensual pleasure, you need to experience an erotic massage on yourself. In Kiev, professional erotic massage is not provided by every salon. Kiev city erotic massage is ready to offer guests only in specialized institutions. For example, in our salon a session of such a massage begins with a general relaxing massage of the arms, legs, back, after which the erotic part begins. With her whole body, a massage therapist relaxes you: hands, breasts, buttocks, abdomen of professional masseuses are capable of delivering a lot of pleasure. This body massage our salon provides is not the first day, so we have a lot of experience and take into account the wishes of our customers in our work. For guests and residents of the city of Kiev, an erotic massage will open up a sensual world of pleasure and relaxation.