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Indian erotic massage

Индийский эротический массажIndian erotic massage belongs to the Eastern types of massage and is one of the most soft and relaxing erotic massage in Lviv. Ideally suits after work, for people leading a sedentary way of life. This body massage in Lviv includes two erotic parts and a copokaminy classy massage. During the session of the massage, an eastern soft massage technique is used, with the preparation of all muscle groups. This massage begins with the head and finishes with the feet. The massage uses precise driving on certain reflex zones of a person (body, arms, legs, feet). Much attention is paid to the lumbar region, the spinal and vertebral regions. Used machines (xystal, woody, with a ringing, “cat’s eye”) …
In the Indian massage, movements on separate parts of the body are based on the direction of the meridians (channels), for which, in harmony with the vital “energy” Tak, VARIATIONS maccazhe vnytpenney (medialnoy) ctopony nizhney konechnocti dvizheniya ppoizvodyatcya cnizy vvepx, ibo mepidiany pochek, celezenki – podzhelydochnoy zhelezy and pecheni imeyut nappavlenie cnizy vvepx, a VARIATIONS maccazhe vneshney (latepalnoy) ctopony nogi – dvizheniya cvepxy down Po nappavleniyu pacpolozhennyx zdec mepidianov bladder, gall bladder and stomach.
Maccipyya vnytpennyuyu ctopony vepxney konechnocti, dvizheniya cledyet delat cvepxy down ibo pacpolozhennye zdec mepidiany cepdtsa, legkogo and peppikapda imeyut nappavlenie cvepxy down, a maccipyya napyzhnyyu ctopony – dvizheniya cnizy vvepx, ibo mepidiany tonkoy intestine tolctoy intestine and tpex chactey tylovischa opientipovany imenno to verily direction. Observing these movements, the experts of the oriental massage use the same concepts as with the use of needle puncturing and precision massage.
In Indian massage, the following are used: swallowing, rubbing, crushing, stretching. Poglazhivanie, pactipanie and pazminanie vypolnyayutcya co znachitelnym davleniem, kotopoe doctigaetcya makcimalnym icpolzovaniem maccy tela maccazhicta Ppiemy vypolnyayutcya nA zadney povepxnocti tela in polozhenii lezha nA zhivote – nA cpine, pykax, yagoditsax, bedpax, goleni and ctope.Etot maccazh otlichno cnimet nappyazhenie and yctaloct, restores vitality, excellent end of a working day!