Body massage

Body massage. The effect of body massage on health.

Body massage KievProfessionally made body erotic massage in Lviv is a safe and effective way of therapeutic effects on the entire body. As a result of massaging, trophic tissue improves, secretion of active substances increases, muscle tone decreases, heart rate changes, blood flow increases, and conductivity of nerve impulses improves.

Effect of body massage on the skin

Since body massage stimulates blood circulation, thereby, improves the work of the sweat glands, promotes blood flow to the skin, improves its nutrition and oxygen supply. In addition, erotic massage leads to accelerated splitting of subcutaneous fat, which contributes to weight loss, is a prophylactic agent for the occurrence of bedsores in bedridden patients.

Effect of body massage on the muscles

Body massage stimulates blood circulation, which accelerates the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Thanks to the massage movements, muscle tension is relieved, elasticity increases, and recovery processes are accelerated.

Effect of body massage on the circulatory system

Body erotic massage Kiev stimulates the cardiovascular system, improves overall blood flow and lymph circulation. Consequently, it improves the delivery of nutrients to all organs and tissues, accelerates the process of removing harmful substances from the body.

Effect of body massage on the skeletal system, joints and ligaments

Body massage improves the mobility of joints, improves their recovery after an intense workout. It strengthens joints and ligaments, strengthens bones. Therefore, body massage is the prevention of injury (which is especially important in sports).

Effect of body massage on the nervous system

A relaxing body massage (for example, using essential oils) is ideal for those who need rest and relaxation. Body massage relieves the symptoms of stress, gives strength, helps from insomnia.

Depending on the type, body massage can stimulate or soothe the nervous system. Skillfully executed body massage improves the conductivity of nerve stimuli, improves brain function, relieves stress … Thus, body massage is useful for all people, as it improves the appearance, gives the skin firmness and elasticity, soothes, improves overall health.