Foot fetish

Perhaps the female foot fetish conquers the hearts of men due to their subconsciousness. After all, for many centuries to admire the female legs was very difficult. They were always hidden by lush ball gowns or the long hems of modest skirts. To see not even the ankle or the rise of the woman’s foot, but just the edge of a shoe or a shoe — oh, those were already unique feelings from gentlemen. These moments were composed by poems, they were admiredly mentioned in prose. This was the beginning of the female foot fetish!

Massage Lingam

Lingam in Sanskrit means “Rod of Light.” That’s so respectful in the Tantra relate to male dignity, sexual organ. A wand is power, it is energy, it is beauty. Erotic massage of Lingam nourishes a man with light, energy, power and gives him a special pleasure. Such sensations can not be forgotten!

Peep show

Today, a peep show in Kiev is not a particularly popular service, especially since not every salon can boast of the skill of performing girls. Balancing on the verge of sexual intimacy, this art is a special ability to influence the erotic energy of the beholder …

Erotic massage for women

She will help you. She doesn’t need a word, she has a good look in your eyes, and she also remembers. All your wishes and fantasies become direct. You are embracing the world of delights and congregations. Translucent and tender puzzles of a child’s skeleton are not kept away from the attention of your intimacy of your perfect body.

Erotic thai massage

The history of Thai erotic massage has more than two and a half thousand years; it is believed that such a massage was invented by Zhivak Kumar Bhakka, a doctor, a contemporary of the Buddha; some consider him to be a Thai, others consider him a Hindu. Thai erotic massage was spread in Buddhist temples, since the ancient healers in those times were monks.

Salon erotic massage “Negodyajki”

Kiev, like any other large city, despite its magnificence and beauty, tends to tire with a high rhythm of life, noise and bustle. One of the best ways to relax, have fun and escape from the pressing problems has long been considered massage. Our massage salon offers the most interesting and exotic massage techniques for everyone.

Anticellulite massage

Our salon offers the highest quality and effective anti-cellulite massage in Kiev. As you know, cellulite is a specific defect in the appearance of women, consisting in the stagnation of blood in the hips and buttocks. As a result of its occurrence, the tissues soften and the notorious “orange peel” appears – depressions and bumps on the skin surface.

Prostate massage

The results of the trial are used in medicine, but we don’t consider all the patients of the perpetrators to be perpetrators! Early many people do not know that this is so, therefore it is necessary for him a little to tell him.