Anticellulite massage

Our salon offers the highest quality and effective anti-cellulite body massage in Kiev. As you know, cellulite is a specific defect in the appearance of women, consisting in the stagnation of blood in the hips and buttocks. As a result of its occurrence, the tissues soften and the notorious “orange peel” appears – depressions and bumps on the skin surface. There were times when cellulite was considered a sign of beauty and attractiveness, but today it is any girl who causes a legitimate desire to get rid of him. If you have such a desire – the best anti-cellulite massage in Kiev is waiting for you.

Our salon practices all major types of anti-cellulite massage. First of all, this is a classic version. It consists in direct action with the hands (manual therapy) on the affected area – from the waist to the knees. It can be chopped movements with the edges of the palms, intense rubbing of the skin with the knuckles, stroking, light tingling and deep pressure. The result of such manipulations invariably becomes an improvement in the process of blood inflow and outflow, which leads to a decrease in fat deposits in problem areas. Our masters of the highest quality anti-cellulite massage in Kiev are fluent in classic techniques and are ready to conduct a course of therapy regardless of the stage of cellulite. The final effect is guaranteed, although visitors to the salon should be aware that at first “orange peel” may become even more noticeable – this is a normal working moment, indicating that the recovery process has begun.

Honey anti-cellulite massage in Kiev is also very popular. His technique goes back to the ancient craftsmen from Tibet. The effect is achieved due to the interaction of the skin with the beneficial substances contained in honey – as a result, the blood flow increases, the body’s muscles are enriched with oxygen, their tone improves, they acquire elasticity and visual appeal. Another massage method is vacuum or canned. By means of latex cans and special rubbing oil, signs of cellulite are reduced in record time. This method allows you to get rid of the swelling of the vascular wall, which also leads to improved blood circulation. Our salon, famous for the best anti-cellulite massage in Kiev, provides honey and vacuum therapy services and performs them at the highest level.

Our task is to take care of your beauty and attractiveness, that’s why we work with the best masseurs, and the most effective anti-cellulite massage in Kiev is waiting for you here.