Foot fetish

Beautiful female legs have long been considered the object of the highest erotic and aesthetic desire of the stronger sex. This charming part of the female body can easily deprive the mind of any man, causing a powerful attack of erotic desire. Such worship is called Foot Fetish.
Perhaps the female foot fetish conquers the hearts of men due to their subconsciousness. After all, for many centuries to admire the female legs was very difficult. They were always hidden by lush ball gowns or the long hems of modest skirts. To see not even the ankle or the rise of the woman’s foot, but just the edge of a shoe or a shoe — oh, those were already unique feelings from gentlemen. These moments were composed by poems, they were admiredly mentioned in prose. This was the beginning of the female foot fetish!
If you think that the era of mini-skirts canceled the charm of worshiping ladies’ legs, then you are greatly mistaken! Men’s passion for beautiful female legs is growing every year! Services Foot fetish in our massage salon in Kiev men value their weight in gold.
In our salon, you choose a girl with such legs, feet, which excite you most and suit you in everything. In general, the scenario of a female foot fetish session will depend a lot on you, as you will set accents yourself: kiss, stroke legs or just admire them.
Foot show (foot show) in our erotic massage salon – the basis of this scenario is a demonstration of the beauty of female legs. This process usually starts with showing legs in stockings, then they are removed. Throughout the session, the girl shows mostly the legs, making various erotic movements by them. The masseuse simply teases the legs of a man, wiggles her fingers, etc. In this case, the initiative of the girl can be limited only by her imagination.

Erotic foot massage.

In the same way as this is done with body massage by hands, weasels are done with the feet and toes, gently touching and stroking the erogenous zones of the man. Massage is done simultaneously with two feet. The man fits on a sofa or bed, and the nymph begins to massage, starting from the hips to the face.
Foot worship is a session of worship of female legs during which a man can suck, lick, smell and cover them with kisses. The session begins with the fact that you lie down on the bed, the girl sits down next to her and gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the legs. The fingers gently massage the man’s face and only the last are brought to the nose so that he can enjoy their aroma. Affectionate feet go below and start to caress the man’s lips, put his fingers into his mouth and move them there. Then a man can caress the entire foot entirely, covering every centimeter of her wondrous skin with kisses.
Caress female legs, touch your lips and fingers, breathe foot fetish and live them …
Maybe you want full contact? Massage with feet or even trampling (when a girl stands on your body, fully transferring weight to her feet) – these are quite strong erotic feelings and the ability to feel a real female foot fetish 100%! The sense of power that a girl has over you is unique and unforgettable. It is for this reason that foot fetish harmonizes perfectly with the services of a mistress. What man would give up a passionate dominant who wants to take a guest “under the heels”?
As a rule, real fans of foot fetish never rush to complete the session – they enjoy every moment of the show. How does an erotic show begin? A guest gives a start to a girl when she asks her to put on chic legs of stockings, tights, boots, shoes or socks in advance – what excites him most. Or remain barefoot – after all touching naked heels are so exciting! The desire will be fulfilled, and the show foot fetish will begin at the designated time.
Foot fetish is a choice of selected connoisseurs of female beauty, in whose soul there is a place for an erotic holiday. Come to our erotic massage salon to get everything you want!

The most attractive girls of the “Rogues” masquerade, in an unsupported dawn, open to Your eyes a great deal of their perfect nigh. Else in seconds you are showing up with the best of the masseuses. In time Fytish massage you will be able to expose and realize your best sweep of fantasy. Hex Futish Fetish. You can play with the help of your hands, as well as with the hands of the girls, as you might have misunderstood. You can kiss and gaze at them, caress them with cheeks, nasal and nodules, play with steep tongues, enhancing euphoria. Elegant accessories are painted with small splintered fins – with beautiful legs. PROPERTY CHARGING PRINCIPLES, they enslave Bac, soaking to the world of bliss. Heavily twisted little fingers on sweet feet, YOU literally enjoy the horse thugs. And an eligible aromatic oil can be mixed with an unrecoverable bladder of a woman’s body, will cause your self to trample and give it to you. Fey fetish shoy zavopaivivaet! Good and soft pyelons, tender and graceful tents will give you pleasure and pleasure. Feel the fetish – the choice of the people, those who are of the people, those who are of the people, and those of the population of the population and of the population of those who work. Come to us in the saloon of an e-shop, in order to keep your dreams in life!