Massage lingam

If you still don’t know what is the lingam body massage Lviv, or as it is called Muladhara, it’s time to try it and experience the bliss of those same feelings that were strange for you.

Lingam Massage – one of the tantric practices

Lingam is a Sanskrit word meaning “Rod of Light.” In Tantra the manhood is called so gently. Rod – is power, the energy, the beauty. The erotic massage Lingam imbues man with light, energy, power, and gives him the greatest pleasure. Such feelings can’t be forgotten!

The goal of the Lingam massage – to enable a man to feel strong, feel all the features of touch, to concentrate the strength, and then to achieve maximum relaxation. The erotic massage Lingam will show you what is the real relaxation. Lingam – a spiritual practice of awakening desire and sexual energy of the partners. When two people do a special kind of massage for each other, they learn to feel not only their own feelings, but what their partner feels.

The Lingam massage is the erotic massage, since it involves all the most secret and sensitive erogenous zones. During the Lingam not only the most important male sexual organ is stimulated, but also the crotch, thighs. It is very nice when the girl’s hands gently touch and massage it.

The Lingam Massage can be done by one or several masseuses (your Lady can also do it if she knows this technique). You can experiment – it is always interesting.

Technique of the Lingam Massage:

The man lies on his back, he should feel comfortable.

The Lingam massage is made using oil, fingers and hands of the masseuse smooth sliding and causing the feeling of complete relaxation.
Before you start the Lingam massage, the masseuse starts massaging legs, inner thighs, and only then, slowly narrowing the circle, flowing movements goes to the very core – the male sex organs.

During the massage fast and slow massaging is changing, you feel close and free compression. This causes a variety of sensations, growing, relaxation…

The girl is controlling the feelings of the men, as well as his general condition and respiration. It is important that breathing to be steady and calm.

The skillful hands of the girl know when to make pause not to give the man to get the pleasure untimely.
Experienced masseuses believe that during the Lingam massage a man can be brought to the peak up to 8 times, and the ninth stage will be a truly enchanting.

It can’t be another way! When languid and gently skillful fingers of the girl grab, move, freeze, the feelings grow, amplifying every movement. And when the passion fills every part of the body, and all the energy is concentrated in the Lingam, it is natural that the man gets erotic pleasures.
Give your body a holiday! The erotic massage Lingam makes you learn to understand you, become strong and free!

The lingam massage can also be performed with the urological prostate massage which can lead the man to the highest bliss.

In our salon we’re practicing the art of erotic massage, offer professional massage Lingam in Kiev, performed by charming girls, constantly improving their skills.

Some people believe that penis massage is like masturbation by female hands. We believe these statements are sacrilegious in the erotic world. Lingam is slow, with an emphasis on the head, bridle, each wreath, groin, scrotum and secret male point. It is located between the anus and scrotum, and its stimulation gives an incredible feeling.

In addition, the girl performing a massage of the Lingam, directs all the energy flows into the body and intimate area of men. Energy flows are felt even by those who are skeptical about the various esoteric teachings. People feel that energy from the girl as a special trust and sympathy, reigned between them. The lingam can relax completely.

Our room is the only place in Kiev, where you get the maximum pleasure from the erotic massage and erotic practices.