Prostate massage

Maccazh ppoctaty cpocoben podapit myzhchine nezabyvaemoe ydovolctvie.On ne ne mozhet be ppiyaten or zhe vyzyvat boleznennye oschyscheniya, tak kak imenno DURING maccipovanii ppoctaty myzhchina cpocoben pochyctvovat opgazm, takogo ypovnya, Who do OH nikogda etogo ne chyvctvoval. It is not necessary to refer this erotic massage to some kind of perversion, it is stupid and not at all unapproved stereotypes! Erotic massage is successfully used in medicine, but we do not consider all the patients of the poison perverted ?! Most often, many do not know what it is, therefore it is necessary to tell a little about it.
The purpose of the massage is to achieve an improvement in blood circulation in the iron. The maca of the predominant iron is switched on in the mechanical operation for high-quality inner endings, on the gland and intermittent tissue Macca, as a rule, should be painless. The force of the pressure of the massaging movements is determined by the concept of a predetermined gland: if the desire, at all times, is soft, it is the power of the meaning Special attention is paid to the outer edges of the iron. Body massage is applied after a day and lasts for about 1 minute. Contraindications to massage are iron diseases. The massage is used for the purpose of preventing impotence, swelling of the normal gland! Macage prizes can be supplemented to any kind of classic massage. Not performed separately.